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Welcome to the VISD Tech Department Wiki

Common tasks

Open a helpdesk ticket: Write your request to Put a nice readable description of the issue in the subject line and more information in the body of the email. You will get an automated reply, followed by help from a real human being.

Arrange for an absence: Use Frontline Leave Tracking. Find more documentation here.

Add a printer: With so many printers in so many places, we rely on staff to add their own. You can do it! Here is how.

Request a new technology: If you want to try something new that we don't support yet, fill out this form. We ask that you do this whenever you are looking to try a new device or service that A) costs money; or B) involves creating student accounts.

Send emails to groups: Look through this list of district group emails to reach the right people.

Work on my website: These video tutorials will get you started using SchoolWires to create and maintain your website.

To learn how to do less common tasks, look through these resources.

New staff member information

Tech Departments philosophy of technology in education

Clean up

Pages needing attention

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