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Meet Schoolwires: The New TeacherWeb

Getting started:

  1. Go our website:
  2. Look for the Sign In link in the upper right corner
  3. Login with your district user credentials (same as computer login: FirstInitialLastname)
  4. IMPORTANT! if this is the first time logging in, your account will not be fully authorized to do anything beyond log in. Notify the Tech Dept that you have logged in and are awaiting authorization
  5. Once notified that your account is enabled login again and look for the link “Site Manager” in the same area as the Sign In link. Site Manager is your TeacherWeb editor.
  6. If you click Site Manager and there is nothing to edit this means your site is not setup yet. Contact the Tech Department

Tech Dept Video Tutorials

The Intro video below gives and overview of the new TeacherWeb and shows how to enter content in the Welcome, About Me and Class Expectations sections. Also covered is uploading images and files to your website.

Intro Video

Adding more Content

This video covers adding content in the Homework, Assignments, Helpful Resources section, adding a new page to your website. In addition, it covers how to remove pages and access the the Recyle Bin to recover deleted items

More Content

Adding Apps

Learn how to a new apps to your webpage and change layout

Adding Apps

Google Calendar Integration

You can setup your SchoolWires TeacherWeb Calendar to sync with your Google Calendar.

We strongly suggest you create a NEW calendar for assignments rather than use your personal calendar. The tutorial covers that towards the end

Google Calendar Integration

Accessing the SchoolWires Help Resources

SchoolWires has extensive help resources with detailed step-by-step instructions and short video.

Accessing the Help Resources

Help Resources @ Schoolwires

Schoolwires has an extensive collection of Help Resources that are short and to the point. Look for the HOW DO I? tab in the Site Manager

Best Practices for Teacher Pages (pdf)

Working with Apps Video 5 min.

See Best Practices for Apps on Pages (pdf)

In Schoolwires “apps” are content types that you can add to your site. Photo galleries, blogs, file library,basic page content editor, etc are all considered apps. Webpages can have several apps or just one. Often your pages will have an app called Flex Editor. This is the best app for entering content with the flexibility to add images, uploaded files, etc.

Flex Editor Tutorial

More Advanced Stuff

Why You should use pdfs instead of Word Docs

While it is easy to upload Word docs to your website, the best alternative is Adobe PDFs. DO NOT use the office copy machine to create PDFs, create them from your original documents.

Find out how to create a pdf from any document.

Other Stuff

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