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A Deeper Dive into Tech

This page is full of miscellaneous pointers that may not come up every day.

How to

Administer the SBAC to students

Deal with pop-up blockers

Occasionally you want to allow pop-up windows to function. This is particularly important when using SKYWARD. The Skyward login window requires a pop-up in order to function. If you are attempting to login to Skyward and nothing seems to happen then pop-ups are being blocked.

You need to allow pop-up from this address:

Follow the directions below for your respective browser to allow pop-ups.



Install Google Drive

All students and staff have access to their Google Drive, which stores your work (at least the Google part of your work) in the cloud. But if you want to have a folder on your computer that stays synchronized with your Google Drive, here is how to set this up yourself.

Migrate Google Drive and Email to a personal account

Google has created a simple way to bring a copy of your documents with you when you leave the district. Follow this link to learn more about this process.

You can also download the contents of your Google drive

Install ECOM on your computer

ECOM Setup — ECOM is used by Special Education teachers to write Individualized Education Plans. This page is for downloading our copy of ECOM.

Map a Network Drive

You can “map” or “connect” a folder on a server to your computer so it appears as if it is a local drive. The mapped drive will have a drive letter just like any other one on your computer (C=Hardrive, D= CD drive, etc).

Step-1Step-2 Step-3 Step-4

Run or join a videoconference

Use advanced features on your phone

Use the interactive features of your projector

Use an iPad

VHS Theater Technology

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