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DIBELS for Administrators and Teachers

First of all, the DIBELS home page is at Here you will find reports ranging from school-wide to the level of the individual student. Once you've learned to log in, you can connect at any time and the information is up to date.

For Teachers

If you have never registered for DIBELS before

First, visit the DIBELS Home Page. Your admin should have given you a username and a password to get you started. This is only a temporary password. The first time you visit, you'll be asked to create a new, permanent password. Do so and, of course, write it down somewhere. Then you have to confirm your email address. The site itself should walk you through the changes.

If you have registered for DIBELS

In the green navigation bar, click on “Reports,” or just follow this link. You cannot damage anything by looking at these reports, so feel free to explore.

Web vs. PDF

Some of the reports can be viewed in only one of these options, some can be viewed in both. “Web” displays data in a picture on the screen. “PDF” downloads a document which you can view from any computer – and you get to keep the document. If you save a PDF, you can print it and share it (be careful who you share student data with!). Just know that, sooner or later, PDFs go out of date as data changes – so stay up to date.

Which reports to look at

Which reports are the most informative for you? Start with these:

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