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Sharing Folders and Files on Google Drive

I want to share a folder with someone

From the browser (Windows)

First we need to get access to Google Drive in the browser. You should find Google's little icon on the bar on the bottom right of your screen. Look for this:

Now click on it to pop up a menu, and choose “Visit Google Drive on the web.”

A browser (like Firefox, or Internet Explorer, doesn't matter which) should open up with a page listing the contents of your Google Drive.

I'm going to show you how I give Peter Serko access to one of my folders. First, I check the box next to the folder I want to give Peter access to. When I do, a new button appears higher up on the screen:

I click on the new button, and a dialog box that pops open. Down in the bottom, I start typing Peter's name and, if all goes well, it fills it in for me from the school's directory.

I have the chance to decide if Peter can edit the folder, or if he can only view it. Once I've made my decisions, I type “Share & Save” and it shows me my new configuration.

I could add new users if I wanted. Once I'm done, I click “Done” and I'm happy with myself.

From the iPad app

The iPad app looks like this:

Start it up. Let's imagine we want to share the folder “Purchase Orders for Peter” with Peter Serko. I find the folder, then tap the arrow:

Now I have a panel on the right that shows who has access to these folders. I'm going to tap the plus button to add Peter to this list:

I begin typing and, if all goes well, I find Peter in the school directory. Then I decide if he can edit the documents or just look at them, and then I tap “add.”

The result is that Peter is now added to the list of people with access to this folder. It looks like this:

I can change settings for each user whenever I want.

I want to share a file with someone

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