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Managing iPad Photos

One of the fastest ways to fill up your iPad is to take lots of videos. Just to be clear: This is a good thing. Videos are marvelous communications tools. But they take up lots of room. (Photos take up room, too, just not nearly as fast.)

You need to make decisions about these videos of yours. Perhaps this will help:

Now the written version. For each video, you could:

  • Delete it forever.
  • Keep it on your computer in case you ever need it.
  • Move it to your Google Drive so you could see it or share it, but not have it always on your iPad
  • Keep it on your iPad because you use it all the time.

Here's how to do each:

Deleting a video from your iPad

The Camera Roll is where you find every photo or video you've taken with your iPad. Once you delete something from your Camera Roll, it's gone from the iPad. Here's how to do this:

Go to your Photos app. It should be at the bottom of every home screen. It looks like this:

From the buttons across the top, tap on “Photos” (this includes videos, don't worry). Then tap on the “Edit” button on the top right of the screen. Now tapping a photo or video turns a check mark on or off. Check the ones you want to delete, then press the red “Delete” button and tap “Delete Selected Photos.” Away they go.

Saving videos onto your computer

Let's assume you're on Windows (Mac and Linux have their own ways; ask if you need to).

Using the white cable that connects your iPad to the charger, connect it to your computer. After some thinking (especially the first time), the computer will show you this:

Click “Import Pictures and Videos using Windows.” Wait a long time (it's slow). If you're bold, you can check “Always erase from device after copying,” which does speed up the process. At the end of it all, the photos and videos will be copied over, Windows Photo Gallery will open and all will be there.

Now, if you didn't check “Always erase from device after copying” you can go to your Photos app and delete the ones you copied over (see above).

Uploading videos to your Google Drive

Your Google Drive is storage you can get to from anywhere. You can access it on your iPad.

Saving videos to your Drive is good if:

  • You want to look at the videos sometimes
  • You want to share them with colleagues or other people (using care about privacy and so on)

To do this, look for the Google Drive app on your iPad (every District-issued iPad should have it). It looks like this Log in if you have to, using your email user/password combo. Now navigate to the place where you want to send your photos.

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