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VCLOUD for iPads

Before we explain this, first a word about VCLOUD and VCLOUD_Guest. What are they?


If someone walks into our building with a smart phone or laptop or any other device that can use the internet, we make it possible for them to do so. You may have encountered this in public spaces like libraries, the airport and so on. The way it works: You use the internet, but first you have to visit a page at which you swear you'll be a good citizen, and that you know that everything you do is public.

That's how VCLOUD works. It gives you just the internet, with lots of safety restrictions. There are things you cannot do, pages you cannot visit. You also cannot look at the servers or use the printers. And every time you re-join it (i.e., every time you leave school and come back) you have to sign on and sign the agreement.


This is the full network, and we make it available to … well, don't be offended. We give this access to devices, not people. If it's a school-issued device, we give it access to VCLOUD. It should keep you on for good, and we can give the device access to whatever we want. (The internet is still restricted to kid-safe pages, though.)

Getting a device onto VCLOUD means it has to have a distinctive login and password combo. That's what every newly issued iPad gets.

The good news

Once a device is on VCLOUD, it is supposed to stay on it without you ever having to worry about it. If you go away, find another network, and come back to school, it grabs onto VCLOUD without trouble.

The bad news

Every once in a while, your iPad will foolishly try to grab onto VCLOUD_Guest, or lose its connection to VCLOUD, or both. Ugh. Here is how to get it back onto VCLOUD.

  • If a popup asks for your username and password, give it the network login and password I gave to you. Note this is different than either your email user/pass or your iTunes account user/pass. Ain't life grand? Get those underscores (you have to use the different layers of the keyboard to find them.)
  • If it isn't asking, just failing, go to your “Settings” app, and look, in the top left, at “Wi-Fi.” Right away you'll see if it is connected to VCLOUD, “Not Connected” or some other unwelcome network. If it isn't connected to VCLOUD, tap it.
  • You'll see, on the right, something that looks like this:

  • Tap on “VCLOUD” and watch the little spinner until it stops spinning (and hope that it does).
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