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Phone External Assignment

This feature allows a cellphone as a substitute for the desk phone and all functions are controlled by the Mitel Connect Client.

Phone calls can be received by your cellphone and calls be made by the phone and the caller/receiver will not see the cellphone number, only the office number.

  1. On the Connect Client, click your name.
  2. A new window should appear.
  3. Under “Primary Assignment” select “External Assignment Number”
  4. Input Label as “Cellphone”. Put you full cellphone number including area code eg: 2068675309.
  5. There will be an additional option to either automatically connect or press 1 to connect. This is when you receive or make calls if the call goes immediately through to that phone or prompts you to press one to make the connection. In general you should select “Automatically Connect”.

Once that is complete, calls will now go to your cellphone. To make calls, use the Connect Client to enter a phone number or select a contact from your directory.

Your cellphone will ring first and once you answer it, it will dial out to your intended number.

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