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Classroom AV

What Is Classroom AV?

The word “Audio Visual (AV)” is a throwback to an earlier era of classroom technology yet rather accurately describes the high-tech classroom of today. Modern classrooms are provisioned the for use of laptops or other portable devices, digital projectors, document cameras, DVD players, and Interactive WhiteBoards as part of normal day-to-day classroom activity. The key is the “seamless” use of these tools as part of class routine. If a teacher has to fiddle with cabling and connectors or spend time configuring systems then this is a roadblock and impediment to using them.

Current State

Most classrooms in the district have digital projectors available setup on portable carts along with DVD players and speakers. In some settings, notably at CES, projectors are mounted on the ceilings with DVD players mounted on shelves. Perhaps 40 percent of classrooms have documents cameras used in the same fashion. Cabling for power and connectivity to a computer must be run across the classroom floor. Setup of these systems has been done by tech dept or district maintenance staff using off-the-shelf components.

Two classrooms at McMurray Middle School have interactive whiteboards.


Provide each classroom with the proper wiring and component interfaces for safe easy use of these tools. This would include mounting projectors, routing power to proper location, cabling for all device options and switching interface for connecting laptops, DVD or other devices to the system. In some instances this would include interactive whiteboards.

Basic Classroom Tech Configuration Explanation
Teacher Desktop workstation dedicated teacher computer
laser printer
Projector ceiling mounted or on media station cart
Document Camera
DVD Player maybe integrated into media station computer
Media Station cart/lectern to house doc camera and computer
Student workstations including appropriate furniture


Costs $180K district wide over 3 years
Costs will vary with each classroom since some have components available 2-8K/room
Classrooms with interactive whiteboards with be at the high end of the range


Tying together all technology devices in the classroom is a key requirement for frequent and effective use of technology as part of instruction. Proper and safe wiring and control devices make use of technology seamless in the daily routine.

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