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Current State

Over the last 4 years we have made a effort to retire ink-jet printers district-wide and move to laser printers. Laser printers are lower in costs per printed page .02/pg versus .08/ pg with ink jet. Most classrooms have small laser printers with offices and supply-rooms setup with more robust printers. Also, our copy machines can be printed to from classroom computers.

We control printing in two ways: by implementing “print server” based printing in many locations and by using a product called “Paper Cut” that is a monitoring and auditing program capable of setting print quotas. VHS students start each trimester with a 50 page print quota and can buy additional printing at the office and add to their quotas themselves online. This was done at the request VHS due to the high volume of printing done by students often of non-educational materials.

Ongoing printing costs in the form of toner, maintenance and repair is borne by the Tech Dept. This is done for two reasons: financial, schools don't have the funds and convenience, it is easier for us to handle this because of the mix or printer brands and models.


We envision continue our current practices and will purchase new printers, repair and maintain current ones, and purchase toner.


Our current practice described above works well and serves everyone's needs.


Item Costs Duration 3 years
New Printers $25K
Toner $25K
Repairs-Preventive Maintenance $10K
Total $60K
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