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Replacement Cycle

Current State

All technology equipment is on a replacement cycle from 4-5 years for desktop computers, monitors 5-7 years, and 6-8 years on printers. Although we do have printers well over 10 years in service and computers over 8 years now provisioned as thin clients. We do our best to extend the life of all our systems by upgrading memory and hard drives in the case of computers and professional servicing of printers to extend their useful life. Each year we replace a number of systems and take the old systems and re-purpose them in less demanding environments if they are still functional. A good example of this is turning sold systems into thin clients which do not require high performance components to function efficiently.

Replacement Cycle Cost Duration
Computers $60,000 3 years
Monitors $18,000 3 years


Technology is expensive and something we find painful to surplus and ultimately haul away for recycle. As a rule we attempt to extend the life of our systems as much as possible however,at some point systems become outdated in performance and become difficult for users to work with. This happens because operating systems and applications become more demanding of computing resources causing older systems to bog down and become in some instance unusable. We have found this to be true with the increasing demands that antivirus software places on our older systems. Slow under-performing systems are frustrating for users and are counterproductive because they also waste valuable time.

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