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Staff Development

Current State

Historically we have not done a good job in this area. Once the school year is underway finding time for training given all the other demands for staff development in other critical areas has been very difficult. We have from time to time offered trainings on teacher websites and other subjects with limited success.

On a positive note, we have developed a number of online resources and self-help tutorials addressing various tech topics and issues that staff can use at their convenience. Also, over the last two years we have implemented a one-to-one training model using a former teacher as a tech mentor/trainer. This has worked very well and seems to be effective in addresses specific tech needs of individual staff that are often stumbling blocks to further progress.


As we move to integrate technology into the curriculum there is a great need to help teachers figure out how best to do this within different disciplines. For some staff this move will be fairly easy, with a little guidance and support they will be off and running. For others this will be more difficult. We see a need to add staff with educational technology background, perhaps with teaching experience to work with staff to achieve this goal. This position would be a Technology Literacy Specialist. We envision this staff person working closely with staff both one-on-one and in small groups to adapt and expand curriculum to include meaningful and effective tech based components. There would be an additional emphasis on developing a disseminating best practices materials as future resources and to share with the greater educational community. There is also the potential for this person to directly work in a support role with students.


Staff Cost Duration
Technology Literacy Specialist 1.0 FTE $320k Four years


A staff member dedicated to this task is critical to the success of technology integration since there are many stumbling blocks both on the technical and pedagogical fronts that must be addressed. Our experience with the small scale one-to-one mentor model demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach. This position will be a “hands-on” “direct-service” one with emphasis on working closely with staff to find practical, easy to replicate tech integration activities that will set the stage for staff to generalize and adapt activities to various curricular areas on their own.

Tech Literacy Specialist

Teaching and Instruction

  • Work with teaching staff in curriculum planning within the classroom environment.
  • Assist in developing strategies for differential instruction that use technology.
  • Closely collaborate with teaching staff for seamless integration of both traditional and digital literacy tools

Leadership and Curriculum Development

  • Develop, define, promote and share vision and framework for technology integration
  • Promote ethical use of technology, and help staff develop curriculum based projects that encourage digital literacy among staff and students
  • Collaborate with administrators, curriculum and technology staff, librarians, and teaching staff to further develop technology literacy components.

Professional Development

  • Provide regular professional development opportunities to help build students and staff understanding of tech literacy
  • Coordinate with Vashon Institute initiative to help classroom teachers understand the paradigm shift of 21st century teaching methods
  • Work with staff to develop and promote use of technology tools for efficiency and productivity in their jobs

Communication and Collaboration

  • Model and promote tech literacy projects with wider school community
  • Document teaching and learning experiences to create a ongoing resources for students and staff
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