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VHS Theater Technology Tutorials

How to reserve the theater: VISD staff only

If you are staff member you can reserve the VHS theater for your use by using Google Calendar. Members of the public should use the VHS Theater Rental form located here.

Staff members follow these steps.

  1. Click on “create”
  2. Add a title, time and date for your event
  3. Click add “Add rooms, location, or conferencing
  4. Click “add rooms”
  5. Type “Theater” into the search bar
  6. Select “VHS-1-Theater” if you do not see it listed, the space is not available for use at that time.
  7. Click “Save”

The theater is now reserved.


All videos filmed and produced by Richard Montague unless otherwise noted.

ETC Lighting Board Operation Videos

A series of videos showing the functionality and operation of the VHS Theater ETC Lighting board.

ETC Element User Manual (pdf)

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