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VHS Theater Technology Tutorials

How to reserve the theater: VISD staff only

If you are staff member you can reserve the VHS theater for your use by using Google Calendar. Members of the public should use the VHS Theater Rental form located here.

Staff members follow these steps.

  1. Click on “create”
  2. Add a title, time and date for your event
  3. Click add “Add rooms, location, or conferencing
  4. Click “add rooms”
  5. Type “Theater” into the search bar
  6. Select “VHS-1-Theater” if you do not see it listed, the space is not available for use at that time.
  7. Click “Save”

The theater is now reserved.

Connecting to the Projector


Input Options

Inputs for connecting to the projector and controls are located STAGE LEFT (left when facing the audience) on the wall.

Controls are done from small illuminated touch-panel (Image #2 below).

Below the touch-panel are 3 inputs (places to plug cables into). One for each HDMI, VGA, and 3.5mm audio.

  • HDMI: HDMI has audio capabilities built-in no separate audio cable is required.
  • VGA: VGA is the traditional method for connecting computers/laptops to video outputs including monitors. VGA DOES NOT carry audio and requires a separate audio cable for sound (3.5mm audio cable).
  • 3.5mm Audio: 3.5mm audio input is located ABOVE the VGA input. If sound is required from the computer when using VGA, the 3.5mm audio cable must be plugged into this input jack AND into the headphone port on the the computer.

Optional Microphone Input

Microphone input #1 (top left corner of the inputs) is designated for use from the stage. Any mic plugged into #1 bypasses the soundboard and is controlled via the touch panel. When using input #1, The sound boars does not have to be turned on. Plugging into any other input will require the sound board to be turned on and appropriate levels set.


Selecting inputs on the touch panel

  1. The projector can be turned on and off from the touch-panel (Image #3 below). THERE IS NO NEED TO USE THE PROJECTOR REMOTE! When turning the projector on, it will take up to 30 seconds for the lamp to warm up and an image being to show.
  2. Users MUST select an input option: HDMI 2 OR VGA 2 on the touch-panel (Image #1 below).


Controlling Sound levels

IMPORTANT! See the image below.

If the MIXER MODE button is RED this means that all audio inputs are now passing to the sound board. The MIXER MODE button should be off (not RED) to bypass the sound board.

Volume can be controlled from the touch-panel for both the computer/laptop source AND a microphone separately.



All videos filmed and produced by Richard Montague unless otherwise noted.

ETC Lighting Board Operation Videos

A series of videos showing the functionality and operation of the VHS Theater ETC Lighting board.

ETC Element User Manual (pdf)

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