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Vashon Island School District RFP

Please read below for a full list of Technology RFP's for 2022


VISD 2022 Switching Refresh

Vashon Island School District Request for Proposal: ERATE 470# 220018856

CLOSED Download the VISD 2022 Switching Refresh RFP

Answers to Vendor Questions

Q: Do you need 1G or 10G transceivers and if they need to be single mode or multi-mode?
A: The transceiver model number is referencing this: We need the transceiver to be equivalent to J9150A and HPE ProCurve Compatible

Answers to Vendor Questions

VISD 2022 Wireless Access Point Refresh

Vashon Island School District Request for Proposal: ERATE 470# 220018891

CLOSED Download the VISD 2022 Wireless AP Upgrade RFP

Answers to Vendor Questions

2022 Chromebook Refresh

Vashon Island School District Request for Proposal

CLOSED VISD Chromebook Refresh 2022-2025

Answers to Vendor Questions

Q: Do you need a 3 year depot warranty with accidental damage protection or just 3 year standard warranty?
A: Please give us a 3 year standard warranty with mail in.

Q: Do you need a touch screen, or is a no-touch screen preferred?
A: Non-touch screen is preferred.

Q: Do you have any preference as to a manufacturer of the Chromebook?
A: No preference, as long as the devices meets our requirements.

Q: Did you want for the Google Chrome OS Management Console to be pre-installed and pre-configured?
A: Per this Google Article: We would prefer devices that come bundled with Chrome Education Upgrade License

Q: Are you also interested in lifecycle services where we can assist with the disposal of your existing equipment and providing replacement on agreed upon schedules?
A: We are not interested in lifecycle services in this RFP.

Q: Would a Chromebook AUE of June 2026 suffice the requirement? It falls 5 months short of your desired 2027 AUE.
A: You may bid us a Chromebooks with an AUE of 2026, but we much prefer to have Chromebooks last 4 full school years.

Q: We can utilize either the Equalis Group Co-op or the Omnia IT Partners contracts in response to this RFP. Are you currently a member of either of these Co-ops? See attached for more details on the Equalis Co-op.
A: We are members of the Omnia Partners.

Q: Can vendors include optional pricing for protective cases in their Chromebook proposal?
A: Yes, you may include it as an optional extra.

Q: What type of 3-year support are you looking for?
A: None, this line refers to the total ownership costs of our own support and lifecycle of the device.

Q:What type of warranty are you looking for? (Accidental Damage, Onsite, Next Business day)
A: Mail in repair and/or accidental damage.

Q: Which specific Manufacturer of Chromebooks would you like to receive price for?
A: Any manufacture, though we prefer Dell and ASUS.

Q: How do you handle price increases?
A: During the yearly renewal period.

Q: Is the 4-year consecutive one-year renewal option based on both party’s agreeing to renew after the schools provides communication of the interest in an additional year extension?
A: Yes

Q: Who is the incumbent?
A: We have purchased from many vendors from our last RFP.

Q: Which manufacturer are you currently using?
A: Dell, Lenovo, ASUS

Q: On the Chromebook specs a USB-C DisplayPort was mentioned, is that an adapter from USB-C to Displayport or a connection already on the Chromebook?
A: Neither, this is refers to having the USB-C port be capable of outputting video as well, either with the DisplayPort Alternate Mode or HDMI Alternate Mode.

Q: For the Anti-scratch are you referring to the Chromebook Screen?
A: Yes

Q: For the spill resistant keyboard do you want that internally on the keyboard or as a keyboard spill resistant cover?
A: Built in spill resistant, no cover.

Q: Can we quote more than one option since you have 4-8 GB memory and 16GB/32GB internal storage?
A: Yes

Q: Will every reseller that submits price regardless of being awarded this RFP be considered a Pre-qualified reseller?
A: Yes

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