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Arduino RGB LED Robotics Project

Last robotics season I wanted to use LEDs to make our robot look cool but with all the problems we had with our arm that I never had to work on it. This year is different and I do have time and I want to drive 16 LEDs with a micro-controller called the Arduino Uno. A first my plan was to put the LEDs around the edges of the robot to make a glow coming out of the bottom of it but that would have been hard to see especially with the bright lights that are used at competition. When you put an LED in clear plastic the light diffusing of the edges of the plastic looks very cool producing a fiber optic effect. From that I got the idea to cut out our team numbers(5961) out of clear plastic and put LEDs through it that way it would have a fiber optic effect. I wanted to create a schematic with a computer because it was easier and looked cleaner when done. I found a site called CircuitLab and I got a student account free after a few emails. I made a box to enclose the project during Thanksgiving break and installed all the parts in the box. I found that I will need to put a bigger resistor on the green indicator LED and use smaller resistors on the RGB LEDs because they can handle more voltage than I am giving them After taking it to robotics the first time it became obvious that I would need to use a key switch to turn it on so that it would be left alone.

RGB LED Code Version 1

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